GoCar is now available in Star Avenue

What is GoCar?

GoCar is an on-demand car sharing platform, providing an alternative to traditional car rental services and car ownership in Malaysia. GoCar operates on a membership basis, where all registered members can book, unlock, and access a car via our app, available for Android and iOS devices. Currently, GoCar has reached 300 vehicles on the road, across over 100 locations in Malaysia.


Why GoCar?

Here at GoCar, we prioritise on delivering a seamless experience for our members. Unlike traditional car rental services, which involves negotiation with on-ground sales staff and paying in cash at the counter, what makes GoCar convenient and accessible is the 24/7 function of making a reservation and unlocking a car without a car key. GoCar also provides a hassle-free driving experience by taking care of boring car ownership tasks such as insurance, cleaning, and maintenance.